About Orderly Conduct

Orderly Conduct is a blog based in New York City that analyzes contemporary political and social issues.  We acknowledge that New York City is home to millions of activist leftists of all types, from liberals and Democratic Party loyalists to anarchists, communists, and other radical leftist ideologues.  We also acknowledge that this political base is comprised of many different people, including mothers, fathers, lawyers, politicians, journalists, students, union leaders, city workers, private sector employees, CEOs, revolutionaries, and people of all colors.  The focus of this blog lies in how we wish to offer unique and thoughtful critical challenges to those leftists’ positions, and we hope that the unique, nuanced arguments we aspire to make will set us apart from all other political blogs.

It is our stance that the vast majority of these activist leftists and liberal politicians live in a leftist bubble that precludes them from acknowledging the weaknesses of their views.  It is our aim to pop that bubble; to challenge those weaknesses that seldom are ever adequately challenged, either because the mainstream and independent media alike cannot offer such nuanced analysis needed, or because the challenges coming from right-wingers often are lackluster.

Though we do not find the need to challenge the right since they are always challenged in New York City, Orderly Conduct is by no means a front for the Republican Party or any other right-leaning group.  We are not motivated by partisan politics and do not champion any politician or party.  Instead, we attempt to deprive our analysis and commentaries from being politically correct while concurrently ensuring that facts, logic, and reason prevail over ideology.  If facts, logic, and reason help us reach the same conclusions as Democrats or Republicans, then so be it.  If we reach different conclusions, that’s even better.  Orderly Conduct wishes to promote thinking outside of that left-right binary, bringing us back once more to a pragmatic common ground; bringing us back to facts, logic, and reason, all of which transcend ideological or party politics.

Furthermore, we believe that the vast majority of the people in this country are not involved in politics; they don’t vote, they don’t interact with politicians, they aren’t actively involved in their communities.  In other words, they are not politicized.  Even though politics impacts everyone, it appears as though most would remain silent rather than forcefully assert their political opinions (as leftists do in New York City).  This lack of politicization is more than evident when we consider how often we hear about low voter turnouts for elections.  For those who are politicized, however, they understand that what they do and say can have a huge impact on politicians and the media.  Politicians and the media in turn may amplify the politicized as though they represent more people than they actually do.  This is yet another reason why we at Orderly Conduct wish to challenge the politicized; because we fear that they perhaps are more powerful than they deserve to be.  We are against dismissing the politically inactive, who we understand to be the silent majority.

We believe law and order are good for all, while also understanding that laws should be changed when they are unjust and do not make sense.  While many of the people we talk about in our blog posts would disagree, Orderly Conduct stands in favor of Western civilization and places faith in the United States of America’s ability to adapt to change as need be.  Nonetheless, we acknowledge that both our country and our civilization are far from perfect.  However, we at Orderly Conduct refuse to give up on them.  We strive to make them work, and we hope you feel empowered enough to join us in this fight.